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خدمات HRSDC

با توجه به تغییرات جدید در قوانین اداره مهاجرت جهت انتخاب واجدین شرایط

برای طرح Skilled Worker سازمان مهاجرت خورشید کانادا در جهت تامین امتیازات

مورد نیاز برای متقاضیان، مبادرت به اخذ پیشنهاد کاری و تائیدیه وزارت کار کانادا

موسوم به HRSDC برای واجدین شرایط میکند.

متاسفانه گروه ارائه این خدمات تا اطلاع ثانوی غیر فعال میباشد                                        (مدیریت روابط عمومی سازمان مهاجرت خورشـــــــید کانادا)

PR Card Renewal IMM_5511

Canada PRcard We are available to submit your IMM_5511 Quastionnair and adequately represent you and resolve your Premanent Residency issues. Please contact (416) 277-8404 should you require any assistance. For a Sample of Form IMM_5511 please CLICK HERE.

We Will defend you and your rights to rectify your PR-Residency Issues                                      

PR Card Renewal IMM_5511

نامه الکترونیک چاپ PDF


All Permanent Residents of Canada have to comply with residency obligations to maintain their status as permanent residents of Canada. If there are questions about the number of physically present days in Canada or Alternative satisfactory explanations, there is a risk of loosing status. In these circumstances Immigration officers may use a  Questionnaire to Determin the PR Status. This form is Called "QUESTIONNAIRE: DETERMINATION OF PERMANENT RESIDENT STATUS" OR" QUESTIONNAIRE: DÉTERMINATION DU STATUT DE RÉSIDENT PERMANENT".

A sample of this form is presented here for illustration. Canada PRcard

It is strongly advised that you contact Khorshid Canadian Immigration Services (KCIS) for advise and consultaion if you have recieved this form from immigration when you applied to Renew your PR-CARD. Proper and expert representation of the circumstances and accuracy of the information presented to CIC and investigating officer is vital to maximize you chance of a positive result. Any errors or misrepresentation, may lead to loss of your Permanent Resident Status.

We will defend you and make certain your rights are not ignored or neglected. 

Click  IMM-5511 to download a sample of the PDF file.